New Stock Trail Ready for June 24!

After surveying the ESJA Land last week we decided to focus our efforts last Saturday on clearing a brand new trail for stock Jeeps. The new trail winds from the campsite past the tires, near one of the ditches, and winds back around into the campsite. It is wide enough that even the most novice Jeepers will be able to navigate the new trail without worrying about harming their vehicles and long enough to provide a very nice and easy ride for everyone.

We also spent a lot of time early in the day filling in the ruts from the entrance and back to the campsite to make navigation easier for stock Jeeps. We are looking forward to the upcoming Open Wheel Day and want to make sure that everyone is able to make it back to the ESJA campsite area.

Another project that is in the works for the land is a brand new series of trail markers for better navigation and naming and an expanded parking area near the ESJA Land entrance. We have a lot of aspirations for the future of ESJA and continuing to improve and develop the land and the types of events that we are able to host there is a big priority for us.

We are very optimistic about the future of the Eastern Shore Jeep Association, Inc. and we appreciate everyone's support.

Thank you!

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