ESJA Jeeps Mudding

Required Safety Equipment:

Proper safety equipment is required for ALL vehicles wheeling on the land and is outlined below. Anyone without the required equipment is welcome to ride with a member. Any and all guests must sign a waiver before wheeling on the land.

  • Fully charged fire extinguisher

  • Suitable front AND rear tow points properly mounted to vehicle and capable of supporting the vehicle's weight

  • Battery tie downs (bungee cords are not allowed)

  • Seat belts for all passengers

  • Full size spare tire

  • Recovery strap rated for at least 1.5 times the vehicles weight (Straps with metal hooks are not allowed)

  • Valid tags and insurance if the vehicle is to be driven on the road to the land. Non-tagged vehicles must be trailered to the land.

  • No wheeling before 8am or after 8pm unless it is a club sponsored event

  • Vehicles not meeting these requirements will NOT be permitted to wheel on the land

Rules for Camping on the Land:

  • No drugs permitted on the land. Alcohol will only be permitted in designated areas and only after an event has ended and vehicles have been secured for the remainder of the day.

  • Close the gate when entering and leaving. When camping overnight, lock the gate prior to turning in for the night.

  • No speeding in the camp area.

  • Take out what you bring in. We work hard to keep the land clean, so leaving garbage or other items is not acceptable.

Open Wheel Day Fees:

  • Guests are charged $30.00 to come out to the land and wheel. 

  • Club Members pay just $15.00 to enter Open Wheel Day Events.

  • Land Members are FREE. 

ESJA Land getting stuck
ESJA Land Campsite